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At Pratt Plumbing & Boiler Repair, we believe there’s nothing worse than a lazy plumber who fails to do his due diligence and doesn’t end up solving the root of the problem he’s hired to deal with. Our team members always make sure to study the situation thoroughly and make sure whatever they’re fixing isn’t just a symptom of a larger problem. We don’t take shortcuts. So when you need a good know exactly who to call.

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We’re able to do a wide variety of HVAC services and residential plumbing jobs alike. Need a heating specialist? We’re here to help with boiler repair, radiator installation, you name it. When you’ve got a clogged drain, hire us to clear it out, and we’ll be happy to ensure all your other drains are clear as well. If your hot water supply seems to be inconsistent, we do water heater repair. Need a burst pipe repair? What are you waiting for, call now! That kind of issue should never wait—water damage can be permanent.

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Emergency services means we’re open 24/7, always available to help you out.

Business Hours

If you’re in Chicago or Cook County, you're in our service area.

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